Our Services
Professional Training

We have develop the following training programs which leads towards Professional Development and provide credits to both Professional and Post Graduate Certifications:-

OS1 : Outsourcing Standards

OS2 : Managing Risks and Quality Assurance(Global Teams)

OS3 : Challenges facing Emerging Outsourcing Destinations

All OS courses are approved by the IAOP and gain Credits towards their Professional Certification

AC1 : Information System & Network Security

AC2 : Managing IS Strategy

AC3 : Network Management

All AC courses offer credit to Post Graduate Certifications and Diplomas

GM1: Marketing Audit and Environment

GM2: Business Ethics across Cultures

GM3: Managing Global Teams

GM4: Effective Communication, Behavior and Positive Changes

GM5: Marketing Planning

GM participants are offered a certificate of attendance which prepare them towards professional certifications of their choice. CPD Hours are offered by the Global Marketing Network(GMN)

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